When you drive intoCarroll County, which is on the edge of theDriftless Area, one can't help but be struck by the rolling green hills, the canyon rivers and the depth of the sky.  It is magical place where the land is ancient.  


Mount Carroll, often called the "New England of the Midwest", boasts of it's art, music, great theater, antiques, good food, festivals, and a famous haunted house that runs all year.  


The Driftless Musewas built in 1868 and was home to miners, some of the first settlers to Mount Carroll.  The house was added onto several times and only know for sure in 1907 because there were newspapers from 1907 in the walls. The house was recently rehabbed 2016.   The owners kept what they could that was original and used a lot of repurposed materials.   They are an artist, and a writer who created a space that they feel supports creativity, peace, family and rejuvenation.  

​The house is chemical free, and has a whole house water filter and a water filter under the kitchen sink that takes out chemicals and fluoride.  


about The Driftless Muse Retreat House

       ​The Driftless Muse